Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When our family arrived back in Malawi after a short two month furlough we continued to do what we have done since our arrival; go soul winning into the villages and teach the Word of God! What a joy it is to have the privilege to work for the Lord here in Malawi.
One of the villages we have been soul winning over many weeks was the village of Waruma in the Thyolo District. We have seen over 200 people pray to receive Christ as their personal Savior, and in the last couple of weeks many people had requested that we start a church at their village. After much prayer, and we decided to have a Saturday Bible Study to see if the people would be willing to come. There was an existing church building that had not been used for over a year, and it was falling apart; see attached photo. We had many people come to the first Bible Study and they committed to come to a worship service the following day at 2pm. We had our first service outside the building and we have continued to have Bible studies on Saturday at 2pm, and worship services on Suday at 2pm. Last Sunday we had approximatly 50 adults with over 50 children in
attendance. They appear serious about God, and they are very attentive. Elizabeth and Johnathan have been teaching the kids, and they have commented that the kids are well behaved, and really wanting to learn. We are excited about this open door that God has given us.

We are going to go to the District Hospital in the Thyolo to give gifts and treats to the patients in the Aids and TB wards for the Christmas Holiday. We have done this in several other District Hospitals over the last 3 years and it is a joy to us and a blessing to others. We give small gifts of food, bath soap, tracts, and John/Romans.

Next week I will be traveling down south to the Malawi/Mozambique border to check out the possible purchase of land for a Bible College. I will be going into Mozambique to teach some national pastors with a Malawi national pastor who has many contacts in Mozambique. Three weeks ago I talked with a dear friend who lives in Mozambique, Francis Azuza, whom I have known for 3 years. Last year I went down to his village and taught about 70 men for three days. It was a great time, and Lord willing during this trip I will see him and make plans for our family to again go down into Mozambique this coming year.

Please pray for our family as we head into the holidays, and continue to preach/teach and disciple these dear people.

By His Grace & Mercy,

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Getting It Done

Dear Friends and Praying Partners,

It has been a long time since I have placed anything on our Blog site, and for that I ask your forgiveness! I have purposed in my heart not to be too busy with life and the work here in Malawi to not place some information every few days on on Blog site. We do want people to pray for us, and how can they without good information?

At the end of February of this year, 2011, we depart from Good Samaritan and with the approval of our Pastor stated a new work in Malawi, BIBLE BAPTIST AFRICA MINSTRIES. Our goal is to start churches, do soul winning, discipleship, Bible studies and start a Bible Institute. We believe with all our heart that this is the direction God has given to us. We are working with 3 of the churches that our family has started, along with 5 other churches that have asked us to come and help them to become Independent Baptist Churches.

In the photo is some of the members of Ozamba Independent Baptist Church that we go to regularly for Bible Studes, and at least once a month for preaching. They originally were an Abraham Church which taught the doctines of men, but they knew they were not doing right, so they came to us and asked us to please come and help them.

On August 24, 2011, we traveled back to our home church in Fairbanks Alaska for the wedding of one of our daughters. Since we spent that much on airfare we made the determination to stay two months to visit churches, and to attend the Missions Conference at our home church, Bible Baptist Church of Fairbanks, Alaska. We are now at the end of our stay; two more days of Missions Conference, then we head back to Malawi this next Monday, October the 24th. We are looking forward to getting back home in Malawi and starting a new church, and a new work.

Please pray for us that this coming year would see more nationals being discipled, and thus going out with the Gospel of Christ.

By His Grace & Mercy,

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Update from Malawi

Dear Praying Friends and Saints,

We continue to serve our Lord Jesus Christ here in Malawi by going and preaching, teaching and soul winning.
In July John traveled to the area of Kasinje to purchase a small tract of land for a new Good Samaritan Church. During the negotiations with the land owner he was able to share the Gospel of Christ with 19 people. All raised their hands for salvation, to God be the Glory!
When we got ready to leave, the head master of the government school in the village of Kampheko talked to John, and John was given permission to talk to the whole school. He shared his life, living in Alaska, then he shared the Gift of God, Jesus Christ with the school kids, the head master, and two teachers. Over 100 present believed and received Christ as their Savior. The school master invited John to return, so he is planning on traveling to this same village on Thursday, the 5th of August to give a Bible lesson from "The Seven Steps of Joy" which we have translated into Chichewa. Please pray for wisdom for John, and that many will truely understand.
Darcy, Sarah and Johnathan are traveling back to Alaska on the 4th of August for the birth of a grand daughter to Mike and Anna Albert. This is Anna's first, so Grandma wants to be there! Sarah is going to attend Golden State Baptist College in Santa Clara this next year while Elizabeth is already in Alaska getting ready to attend the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. She is enrolled in the nursing program and she is excited.
Please continue to pray for the Fullford family as we do our best to serve our Savior!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Soul Winning in Chilanga

What a great day we had soul winning in the village of Chilanga. Here is a photo of Darcy & Sarah with two of the teens from the Good Samaritan Orphanage. Both orphan girls, Betty on the left and Catherine on the right are good soul winners and translators. They also teach sunday school to children and teens, and both have wonderful spirits! This day over 110 people trusted Christ as their Savior as we had four different teams in this village on this day.
We continue to help national pastors by going to their villages on Saturday, if the villages are close enough to our home base, and do soul winning and handing out gospel tracts and John/Romans to those that get saved. Then on Sunday we go to their churches and preach/teach the Word of God. If the villages are too far away we just visit on Sunday and do the best we can.
On one Sunday we went to the area of Chikwawa, down in the central south of Malawi. We left the highlands of Blantrye and dropped about 2500 feet in elevation to the flat, and really hot area of Nsanje and Chikwawa. We have been in Arizona and Nevada when it was hot, but this was the hottest we have every been. Just sitting in the church building brought steams of water from our bodies! We were happy to travel back home, about 3 hours one way and get back into the 90 degree heat of the highlands.
Malawi is going through some tough times as there is a shortage of electricity, blackouts almost everyday, water, it generally goes off around 10am and comes back on around 2am the next day, petro, we have had no gas for our car in 3 days, and diesel, same problem as petro, either no petroleum products at the pumps, or if a station receives an allotment it is gone within a short time. The Malawi government has not planned well and has instigated some social programs that have drained their foreign exchange. They just don't have the US dollars, Euro's, or British pounds to pay for necessities that need to be brought into the country. Please pray for the situation here as it affects the people out in the villages and towns more that anybody.
In the last month we have been sending out a team of two young teen men and two teen ladies to teach and preach in the village of Chilanga; there is a large Good Samaritan Church in the village, but no pastor. We have also sent our vice president, Andrew Nyenga, to accompany them, add authority and to listen and make sure all things are done decently and in order. The boys have been doing a great job of preaching/teaching and the girls have been teaching the young kids and teens. They are excited about being part of the ministry instead of just being the ministry. We are now making plans about other teams to go and help other churches that need encouragement.
Also we had our first every "Friday Preacher Boy Night" at the Mapanga Orphanage. Seventeen boys and older teens preached and the girls were shouting, clapping and giving great encourangement. We had a great night and we are going to have this on the last Friday of every month.
Please pray for the 80 kids we have at the orphanage as many are now getting older and satan desires to sift them from the fold.
Also please pray for this ministry, our family and this country as every day brings a new bump in the road.
By His Grace & Mercy,
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Malawi Update

It has been since January of this year since I have typed on our blogsight! Partly due to theives stealing our phone cables, and the rest on just being busy.
We have been very busy this year with ministries in Good Samaritan, soul winning, teaching, preaching and starting new churches. In Oct. of 2008 we start a new church in the village of Bwaila, district of Thyolo; Good Samaritan Bible Baptist Church. We built a crude grass hut type structure and since that time have had church services in it. In September of this year the church members started to mold bricks and burn them. When this was completed we loaded them into a 3 ton lorrie truck; see photo to the left, and trucked them to our church site. We have used dumba mud for mortar and also other natural building materials. Lord willing the roof will be on before the rains begin. The most exciting news is that due to the members of BBC of Bwaila reading and understand God's Word about the "Great Commission", they have been faithful in going out soul winning. Because of this we have also started churches in the villages of Chizinja, Khautuka #1, Khovi, and also Makwasa. In all these villages land has been purchased, and church buildings are underway. Hundreds of souls have been won to the Lord, and His Word is being preached and taught by national pastors in these new churches; To God be the Glory!!
We have also been very busy in a printing ministry that has seen us translate and print:
We have given out thousands of books and pamphlets to our church members and others. Our desire is that all saints will be well grounded in the Word of God and have firm Christian foundations.
That is all for tonight! God Bless, and please keep praying for the Fullford Family!!!

Psalm 62:5 My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from Him.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A New Year is Here

God has been so good to us in that with all the difficulties of living in a country abroad, serving in an existing ministry, starting our own church, and trying to show people that God sent His Son down to die on a Cross for their sins, He continues to give us Grace, Peace and Blessings.
I apologize for not updating this blog site since November, but the thieves again hit our area and we have not had phone lines since the 11th of November. We still do not have phones, but I have found an internet cafe' that will allow me to plug in my laptop; Praise God!
Since our last update we have continued to go out soul winning, giving bible studies in the villages and working in the Mapanga Orphanage and Bible College. In the month of November 157 souls trust Jesus as their Savior, and 255 in December. We go to the Ntcheu area and hold bible studies in the villages of Ntambalika, Kaiya, Kambwea and Kapulupu. We have translated and typed the booklet, "Seven Steps to Joy" in Chichawe and are currenting giving them to the national pastors and also using them in our church, Bible Baptist Church of Bwaila. We have translated and are half way done with the large book "The A,B,C's of Christian Growth". Lord willing we will have this done and ready for issue in the next couple of months. We have also translated "God's Word on Trial", "What if the Bible is True?"(a tract specifically for Muslims, we have many Mosques in our area) and are looking at other printed materials to get into the hands of these dear people. We are not satisfied with getting them saved, but we want to see them grow in the Lord!
The rainy season is upon us and many are sick with malaria, flu, colds and just plain crud. We have been spared so far, but Lord willing we will not have to go to any of the local clinics or hospitals. Going to a national health care unit is not an option here. You will come out worst!
Please continue to pray for us, our ministry and health in the days to come.
If you feel so directed by The Holy Ghost, and want to help in the translating and printing of the materials for the nationals, please call our sending church, Bible Baptist Church of Fairbanks Alaska, (907) 452-1407 and speak to Kathy Adams.
May God richly Bless you!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

You are not Bored with God!

How can time go so quickly!
We have had much to do in the last three weeks. We finally received our container with all our personal items 12 days ago. This container shipped on the 1st of June, arrived in Biera Mozambique on the 30th of August and we received in on the 24th of October. It is good to have our "stuff".
We went to a new village in the Ntcheu district last week, Kiaya, and at the invite of the Mafumu, Chief, we preached to about 80 people. 56 people believe and received Jesus as their Savior! It was interesting as there was a large Pentecostal church in this village. There are many churches in Malawi, but the problem is that the Saving Gospel of Christ is not preached! For many churches they will have much singing, the call them choirs, and they will tell the people how to live well and have a good life, but they do not tell them that they are lost and on the road to a sinners HELL!
Many times the church leaders do not even follow the scriptures when instructing their people on living life. The Abraham Church tell their people they can make home brewed beer, drink it and give it to their neighbors. They also say they can have multiple wives and do what ever makes them happy. This church is well liked in the Satemwe area as you can well imagine; no restrictions on life, live it up, but they do not know they are going down the road to destruction.
We continue to have bible studies in the villages we go to where people are saved. We do not believe in giving the plan of salvation, having people saved and then leave without disciplining these dear people.
Today we started the construction of our temporary structure at GS Bible Baptist Church in Bwaila Village. The building will be made out of palm trunks, bamboo, grass, plastic sheeting for protection from the rain, and any other available natural materials. This building will be only until after the rainy season, next April. Lord willing He will provide funds to build a permanent structure at that time. The people of Bwaila are very poor. They earn next to nothing, but each Sunday our offerings are averaging around K250, $1.66 US, for about 25 adults. This is two days wages in this area. It might not seem much to you, but it a lot to these dear people.
I know we like to see local, independent Baptist Churches stand on their own feet, but considering it will cost about $3,500.00 to build a church in this area, the cost is staggering! Construction materials are very expensive here, metal roofing sheets, cement, quarry stone and dust, wire nails, windows. The labor is cheap, making bricks, digging foundations, etc. We will see what God does. If He touches your heart about this and would like to help, please send any donations to BBC Fairbanks, Alaska, Bwaila village Church, Malawi.
Much to our sorrow, Ginger our baboon has died. She was just a great addition to our family and very fun. She loved the girls, especially Sarah, and she will be missed.
To those that continue to pray for us, thank you!, thank you! thank you!!

By His Grace & Mercy,